teen girl's encounter team assignments

 August 25th - 27th, 2023

Please read all team assignments as some may be serving in dual roles.

 Team Assignments can change to meet Encounter Conference needs.


Becca White (Lead)

Ansley Chuckery -Table Server

Aubrey Mcmeans-Table Server

Brailyn Sorrows-Table Server

Brooke White-Table Server

Julianna Sheffield-Table Lead

Kallie Nathan-Table Lead

Katie Bartram- Table Lead

Phoebe Blackstock-Table Lead

Shaylee Babatz-Table Lead

Sofia Brisbane-Table Server

Trinity Bryant-Table Lead


Snack Shack

Alyssa Bishop (Lead)

Julie Pollard



Joy Sorrows (Lead)

Mckenzie Dickey 

Molly Avery

Trista Whitby 



Susan Evans (Lead)

Brandy Whitby

Johanna Stanley

Melanie Arnold

Rachel Smith 



Autumn Dickey (Lead)

Logan Landers ( Co-Lead)

Anna Manning

Autumn Murdugh

Patience Hall 


AV Technology

Alyssa Calhoun (Lead)



Trista Dickey (Check-In)


Prayer Rooms

Megan Eads (Lead)

Alyssa Evans

Amber Mobley

Autumn Dickey

Callie Langley

Cindy Calhoun

Donna Neal

Emilie Dupuis

Ingrid Bundy

Jessica Fields

Lauren Mitchom

Liz Gilbert

Lorna Hall

Sha Nelson

Shanna Ammons

Trista Dickey


Prayer Escort

Blakely Bailey (Lead)

Kaydance Kraynyuk

Maddie Butler



Donna Neal (Lead)


Leslie Thompson (Lead)

Alyssa Taylor

Amber Hufstetler

Brittni Bryce

Gaby Richmond

Jamie Mocaby

Julie Pollard



Mckenzie Dickey (Lead)

Brandy Whitby

Johanna Stanley

Melanie Arnold

Rachel Smith 

Susan Evans