Girls Encounter Team Assignments


 August 26th - 28th, 2022

Please read all team assignments as some may be serving in dual roles.


Team Assignments can change to meet Encounter Conference needs.


Autumn Dickey (Lead)

Aubrey Mcmeans

Autumn Murdaugh

Brooke White

Jasmine Nazario

Molly Avery

Sofia Brisbane

Trista whitby


Snack Shack

Randi Daniels (Lead)



Krista McAuliffe (Lead)

Jordan Allen

Lainey Barden



Lorna Hall (Lead)

Jessica Frazier

Melinda Johnson 



Becca White (Lead)

Abi Marek

Kaydance  Kraynyuk

Livi Clark

Madi Jordan

Mckenzie Dickey


AV Technology

Alyssa Calhoun (Lead)




Trista Dickey (Check-In)



Prayer Rooms

Terri Dove (Lead)

Aaliyah Frazier

Ashley Morgan

Callie Langley

Christa Stripling

Donna Neal

Hollie Newman

Ingrid Bundy

Jessica Frazier

Lorna Hall

Megan Eads

Megan Thomas

Stephanie Johnson

Trista Dickey


Prayer Escort

Emilie Dupuis  (Lead)

Kelsey Patterson



Kitchen & Dining

Amanda Ashmore (Lead)

Ashley Banks

Lexi Stevens

Shelby Horne

Whitney Weaver