Tuesday Testimony

Check out video testimonies from the HSE Community to hear how Holy Spirit is alive and active today in working miraculous, signs, and wonders.

Stories from the HSE Community

Dutch Nelson (Men's #29):  Holy Spirit Encounter was the single most spiritual experience i have had in my life. There were so many aspects of the weekend that I want to cover, but there are just so many that encounters that I experienced that i'd have to write a book. I cannot give up all the experiences because i want others that come after me to experience what i just experienced. It was so very well laid out from each experience to another, From the classroom, food, people that served me, worship, etc. What an amazing experience! i cannot wait to come help serve now,  and attend other conferences. Thank you so much for being a part of my experience.



Tommy Krenitsky (Men's #28):  My wife attended women's weekend in march 2020 and asked me to go. due to covid-19, my original weekend got postponed and was able to attend in June 2020. There was a reason for that and at the time I did not know why? the holy spirit was new to me and seeing people experience the holy spirit was out of my comfort zone.

On day one, the bible verse at my assigned table was "be still and know that I am god". This was the same verse that I chose for my Cambodia missions trip almost 3 years ago. On day 2, got to see 2 miracles. a young man's toddler aged daughter had a fever. She was across the U.S. and the entire team prayed. Within hours the fever dropped and by the next day she was discharged from the hospital and sent home. The second miracle was an older gentleman's left hand was unable to fully open and close. There was pain and tightness and this has been going on for quite some time. He was anointed with oil and prayed over. I saw a man's hand be restored. That night before we all were dismissed, HSE staff announced that there were a few openings for couples weekend. When we got back to our rooms, I immediately emailed and text my wife that I wanted to come back for couples weekend. She was shocked. this is why I was meant to come this weekend and not in march. I saw the miracle of a hand being healed. I was able to get to experience the holy spirit but on a 101 level and knew there was so much more.


I left Sunday and was hungry and couldn't wait the 2 weeks to come back. Couples weekend was beyond words and encourage all couples to attend. I am not going to give any spoiler alerts. I got to see the gentleman who's hand was healed and meet his wife. Yes, his hand was still free of pain and tightness. I found my spiritual gift...healing! My wife and I are a power couple and god has a plan for our ministry. I also want to go back and serve! 


be still and know that I am god - psalm 46:10



Annu Vijayvargiya (Women's #34):

I was doubtful
I was trying to be in control 
I was all in my head
But ....
I desired to know god
I desired to be intimate with him
I desired to experience him
When I was on my knees, completely surrendered
He set me free....

I was set free from religious spirits
I was set free from Shame
I was set free from depression and anxiety
I was set free from self medicating
I was set free from pridefulness
I was set free from bitterness and resentment
I was set free from judgements
I was set free from my self
And now....
I am filled with the Holy Spirit
I am filled with god’s love
I am filled with his grace
I am filled with his mercy
I am filled with his goodness
I am filled with his forgiveness
I am filled with his strength and power

He said, “This is my beloved daughter, Annu, in whom I am well pleased” ~



Carla Breedlove (Women's  #33):  This weekend was life changing. I really began to understand that God really loves me and He sees me. I realized that all of those prayers that were prayed in my bedroom were all heard by the Holy Spirit and He wanted me to hear personally from Him. Thankfully I will never be the same and I can't  wait to serve and get to know my new family members better! 



Brian Woodson (Men's #26):  I have been filled with the Holy Ghost since age 17. When I came to Holy Spirit Encounter I thought I had walked in some pretty deep waters with him. My divorce in 2003 was a very strong test of the power of God in me. I was carried through that season of life by a grace that only could have come from that early experience in my teens.  As I have grown older and I have been a part of a church for 23 years that neither teaches nor operates in the baptism of the Holy ghost and I have longed for the strong touch I held close for so many years.  This weekend gave me a very precious anointing that I am carrying with me as I fulfill the calling of Rector for central Georgia Men's Tres Dias 49.  It will be my honor to come celebrate with you all in march the victories won on that weekend.  It will also be perfect timing as that weekend will fall just 3 weekends after the Tres dias weekend.



Teresa Shelton (Women's #33):  I would like to share my experience with the Holy Spirit encounter, I have never been in a place where the spirit is so strong and everyone there was so nice. I can’t wait to come and serve and bring others .it really was a change in my life.



Jessica Tate (Women's #33):  Before coming to the holy spirit encounter, I was not aware that i had been believing legalistic lies. i am so happy that i was able to experience the encounter & i know my life has forever changed. I truly believe that god loves me and it is now no question !!!



Jeannie Bryant (Women's #33):   My prayer room experience freed me from 60 years of rejection and pain. It also stopped nightmares and a feeling that I was worthless and would never amount to anything. A deep sadness within me has been replaced with hope and joy!!! The incredible people at HSE treated me like royalty and made me feel loved and special!! I will NEVER forget that weekend (#33) and I hope to go back and serve and make others feel loved and special! Thank you God for HSE !



Al Covington (Men's #25):  I had a holy ghost encounter with men of God,  encouraging and uplifting fore-runners of God. I would like to tell anyone to go and experience the weekend God-bless!



Pamela McNutt (Women's #28):  I attended the November 2018 retreat and do not have the words to fully express how much I needed this retreat and how much I learned and received.  His timing is perfect!  Every part of the retreat was done with such excellence.  I was moved and touched, as God had something for me at every service and teaching.   He also taught me some valuable lessons this weekend and I am so in awe of His love for me! I was also a recipient of financial assistance and cannot say thank you enough to everyone who donated to make it possible for me to attend!  My life has been changed and I am truly grateful. Thank you Pastor Jewel and Pastor Holli, the board, and every volunteer for all of the hard work to provide an amazing opportunity to encounter the Holy Spirit in a deeper way and gain much knowledge.  I will never be the same!  I pray God strengthens you all and blesses you abundantly above all you could ask or think! With a Grateful Heart.



Denise Givens:  I attended the Ohio HSE weekend And was transformed by the power and love of the Spirit.

I would like to share a poem I wrote.:    

Holy Spirit Encounter still in awe of the glory of you.

Our faces  wet with tears of worship glistening like the morning dew.

Touching the hem of his garment surrounded by your love.

Oh we were blessed with your presence Lord.  Words straight from God above

Each mystery revealing your power, your favor, the flow of your spirit. 

If we are still as we worship him in truth ,we still feel and hear it. 

The whisper of his love, the shout of his arrival.  As we encountered the Holy Spirit we witnessed the living Bible. 

Power Lord  More Power Lord became our battle cry. 

As he appeared over and over again with healing miracles from on high.

Still praising God for his goodness, his mercies new every hour/. We are now renewed , restored, redeemed full of his awesome power.   



Madison Owens:  I attended a Consuming Fire last year. I have been following this ministry for a few years. When I decided to come to a Friday night service I was very discouraged, as the enemy was waging war on my life through shame and condemnation. I didn't understand why I felt the way I did because I was walking with the Lord, as I have done my entire life. I have committed my life to ministry , as I am currently studying vocational ministry at Valor School of Leadership. I didn't understand why I was walking in such shame for the past mistakes, past emotions, and past feelings. But when I attended a service last year something shifted in my spirit. I was prayed for and Holy spirit ministered to my hear. I believe joy, peace, and freedom were imparted to me on that night and I am eternally grateful for all those who are involved in this ministry.



Rick Thacker:  It's been approximately 4 years ago that I experienced the most dramatic change in my life when i went to Holy Spirit Encounter in Ohio. I found my Father, my Lord and the Holy Spirit. from then, until now, the Lord has taken me, taught me, molded me and loved me. I've become His total servant. I've walked the drug infested area of Hamilton, OH loving on the broken, prostitutes, addicted and every one He put in my path. He is such a wonderful God. 



Anthony "Scott" Coker (Men's Encounter #20):  THANK YOU for your service to God and allowing me to Reconnect, Renew, & Rejuvenate my love for the Lord. I really needed this. My marriage needed this. Because without the Lord we would not be together and in Him I give all Praise. He is my first love. Because of this weekend, I have a new strength in me that I was in dire need of. You all made that possible and I am eternally grateful for it. An encounter with God isn't just for unbelievers. It is for EVERYONE!!! No matter what your walk is, it can help you stay focused on the Lord each time The Holy Spirit can show you something new. If you ever feel that something is lacking spiritually then stop what you are doing and sign-up for HSE. If you serve or not, it is good for the Soul. God Bless!



Margie Long:  For about 3 months, I have been having some usual bruising appearing on my left thigh. I went to the doctor, who did blood work, but couldn't find anything and that it was nothing to worry about. The week before the Encounter, the bruises became worse and my husband encouraged me to see another doctor. So I made another appointment for the Monday after the Encounter. On Saturday night at the Encounter, you asked anyone  to come up who needed healing. I didn't go up at first because the bruises didn't hurt, they were just all over my leg and they looked horrible. But I got a nudge from the Holy Spirit to go up and receive prayer for my healing. On Monday after the retreat I came home and the bruises were gone, all but one faint one and I a here to tell you that it is now gone. I thank God for my healing and I accept it.



Anne M. Hauer:  There is a verse in an old hymn that goes, "My chains are gone, I've been set free." That is what "my" weekend did for me. From the very first service, the Holy Spirit started to set me free. And with each passing hour, the Holy Spirit continued to reveal those strong holds and struggles that had kept me bound my whole life. The Holy Spirit did not leave a stone upturned. As I left the campgrounds on Sunday, I know that I had received all that the Lord had for me. I had peace that before was not attainable. I was set free from a lifetime struggle with my thoughts, that have controlled me since I was a child. But as I drove, I knew that I had been from glory to glory and that I would never be the same. I could not pit a price on what the Lord gave me, my walk is deeper and my faith is greater. You will be changed, just go hungry for whatever God has for you.



Mike Gray (Men's Encounter #3):  I arrived Thursday at 1:00pm ready for any help required. I started helping setup, finishing the podium and music platforms, vacuuming, electrical, and just general setup chores. I continued that evening in the kitchen until 10:00pm. I was exhausted and went to my room and took a hot shower. There I realized my entire right slide from my hips down to my foot was throbbing with pain, yet I had no physical injury. Now I know what you're thinking, yes I'm 59 years old, and yes I'm overweight, but if you knew me, and my schedule, you'd see an overactive, eager beaver at work, home, church, and the gym. But needless to say, I was in PAIN!!!


Prayers began pouring out on me, "Yes Lord, I know I am excited, but I can't let my brother down. they need me all weekend. Lord you know what I received on my Weekend, help me be a blessing now! If its you Satan, get out of here now! In the name of Jesus, I command it now! Holy Spirit please reach down and help me rest. You know I love You with all my heart. I worship and live for You in my life everyday!" I tried to sleep but had no success. Right about now I'm thanking my beautify bride, Mary, for loading up my backpack with aspirin and Tylenol. "Don't overdo it, just take three aspirins, and two extra strength Tylenol". At 4:40am, I'm in the kitchen looking for something, anything to occupy my mind, because I did not sleep one single moment. The good news came through the door with another soul who also could not sleep.


Friday was a blur, but it kept me from thinking about the pain. Meting all the new guests and fellow servers was such a joy. I knew I could make this day by God's grace, and i did. That evening, while reviewing the schedule with the other kitchen brothers, I saw where God wanted me to be. I explained to those around me that Pastor Jewel had called for Holy Spirit healing in the last Men's Encounter and I knew we should all be in the chapel service.


We arrived just as Pastor Jewel called for chairs to be set up front. As we all stood beside the curtain door, I felt Holy Spirit and stood behind a gentleman not knowing his name. We all prayed in tongues with our hearts, pouring out God's blessing upon every man sitting before us. It was very crowded after these prayers, so most of us in the kitchen crew drifted outside the curtain doors. Pastor Jewel began pacing back and forth, and I could see Holy Spirit fire inside of him. I knew we were just beginning to see Holy Spirit's power.


Pastor Jewel felt there were many other needs for healing, deliverance, power, and fire from Holy Spirit. The whole chapel and the entire building was full of Holy Spirit. It is just as powerful to me now, as it was during my Encounter! Pastor Jewel called for those who needed immediate healing to come forward and prepare for Holy Spirit to release upon them. "Well, here I am God, I know why I'm standing right here where all these brothers are. I need healing now! Come Holy Spirit, cleanse and heal all of them and let me also receive it." I accepted this healing and felt totally invigorated. i was without pain and not exhausted, even having been away over 33 hours straight! I manage to get back to my room by 10:45om, and fell to sleep when my head hit the pillow. My next conscious moment occurred as I turned off my alarm at 4:55am Saturday morning,. I had NO PAIN all night and have none now! Saturday was more joyful without any pain, and once again, I slept all night without pain. I was healed by HOLY SPIRIT!