What does HSE Believe?

You can read WHAT WE BELIEVE under ABOUT US.


Who makes up the ministry team?

HSE is blessed to have remarkable ministers and pastors from various denominations teach and minister during our weekends. Each minister is a mature Christian, who has a desire to share of themselves, God's love, healing, deliverance, and restoration according to the Word of God. They have received extensive training in their areas of ministry. In addition, support personnel for the weekends have previously attended an Encounter Weekend as a guest. You can read more about HSE's LEADERSHIP under ABOUT US.


What is the teaching content?

Speakers share biblical principles pertaining to the complete person: spirit, soul, and body. Topics covered include: the love of God, forgiveness, faith & healing, introduction to the person and ministry of Holy Spirit, release/baptism of Holy Spirit, manifested gifts of the Spirit, and living a Spirit-filled life. Chapel services further help guests reach a personal relationship and encounter with the power and work of Holy Spirit.


Will I be given the opportunity to receive prayer for the release/baptism of Holy Spirit in my life?

Yes. There will be specific teaching about the baptism of Holy Spirit, followed by an opportunity for prayer and ministry.


What results might I expect?

Holy Spirit works in different ways with different people. Many testimonies are given by people who have experienced immediate change. But for others, time has proven to be God's way of releasing healing and freedom. We desire no one leaves without having the opportunity for prayer to release bondage in their life.


Will it solve all my problems?

No guarantees can be given, but Holy Spirit wants everyone to live in full power and freedom. The ministry team will work with each individual to receive a personal release of power and healing in their life.


What happens after an Encounter Weekend?

We recommend all guests be involved in a local church that continues the teachings received during their Encounter Weekend.  Additionally, we offer W.A.S.P. Inner Healing and Deliverance classes. These are designed to help you walk in continued freedom, as well as empower you to minister to others. We also periodically host Consuming Fire prayer and worship services around the metro-Atlanta area for the HSE community, and those who have not yet attended, to come together to worship and seek God's presence.