Thank you for visiting Holy Spirit Encounter, a place where God is known, relationships are built, and potential is realized.

We encourage you to explore and connect with us through our various ministries.


At Holy Spirit Encounter, you'll hear the Word of God preached, express devotion and admiration through praise and worship,

and experience healing and freedom through the love and power of God.

We aim to create a valuable and relevant ENCOUNTER with the Person, Presence, Power and of Holy Spirit

in the lives of Christ's followers.




Ohio Men's Encounter

may 3rd - 5th

WASP Training Conference

june 28th - 30th

Women's Encounter

july 26th - 28th

After prayer and consideration, we have been led to adjust our ages for Girls' Encounter Weekends to High Schoolers through in-coming College Sophomores (Ages: 14-19). Our prayer is this adjustment will allow girls to fully receive during their Encounter, while allowing older Girls the opportunity to choose between attending a Girls' or Women's Encounter.