Women's Encounter Team  Assignments

June 7th-9th, 2024

Please read ALL team assignments as some may be serving in DUAL ROLES.

Team Assignments can change to meet Encounter Conference needs.


Pastors Assistant - Cindy M.

Leigh Wynn - Lead

Amy Fee

Jennifer Rogers

Laci Johnson

Laura Justice

Lauren Bailey

Madison Baker

Melissa Musick

Michelle Hance

Nicole Whitehead

Suzanne Southard


Snack Shack

Assisting Pastor - Nugene Harper

Eva Macfie - Lead

Judith Myers



Pastor Terri

Tracy Dean - Lead

Anita Tomren

Danielle Borton

Denise Davis

Kimmie Cook-Mathews

Laura Eshee

Lisa Kilthau

Melinda Johnson

Tina Clark



Pastors Assistant - Brandy Bailey

Tessa Dempsey - Check-In

Odemaris Ivy - Guests Pics



Pastors Assistant -  Mewborn's

Lorna Hall - Lead

Blakley Bailey

Evelyn Campbell

Jennifer Morris

Miriam Moody

Emilee Cook - Saturday during Prayer Rooms


A/V Technology

Assisting Pastor - Karen H.

Alyssa Calhoun - Lead

Callie Langley

Emilie Dupuis



Assisting Pastor - The Bailey's

Robbie Garner - Lead

Tessa Dempsey - Co-lead

Bailee Baumann

Emilee Cook

Maria Crespo

Odemaris Ivy

Rebekah Cordie


Sunday Morning Dorm

Amber Mills

Joy Cordie

Madison Morgan



Pastor Hannah

Donna Neal - Lead

Heather Clark

Kim Jarvis

Nancie Hogan

Stacey Necastro

Wendy Stockburger

Alyssa Calhoun (Tech)

Emilie Dupuis (Pics)

Callie Langley (Pics)


Prayer Rooms (PR)

Assisting Pastor - The Richter's

Keith & Treva Richter - Co-Leads

Amber Mills

Brandy Bailey

Callie Langley

Candace Schaap

Chasidy Clark

Cindy Calhoun

Donna Neal

Dustin Hogan

Emilie Dupuis

Hannah Langley

Heather Clark

Karen Harper

Keith Bailey

Ken Schaap

Kim Jarvis

Miriam Moody - 3rd

Nancie Hogan

Nancy Laird

Nugene Harper

Rachael Hogan

Shanna Ammons

Stacey Necastro

Susan Evans

Tessa Dempsey - 3rd

Tom Necastro

Wendy Stockburger


Prayer escort

Pastors Assistant - Treva Richter

Blakley Bailey - Lead

Joy Cordie

Madison Morgan



Assisting Pastor - Mike M.

Matthew Clark - Lead

Jae Mills

Jerry Rogers

John Dempsey

Michael Bailey

Tyler Clark



Assisting Pastor - The Bailey's

Dale Clark - Lead

Aaron Eshee

Al Laird

Carmelo Macfie

Dustin Hogan

Tom Necastro