Men's Encounter Team Assignments

Team Assignments can change to meet Encounter Weekend needs.

March 25th-27th, 2022


Dutch Nelson (Conference Lead)

Rick Neal (Dorm Lead)

Elijah Dickey (Dorm Co-Lead)

Carmelo Macfie

Dave Overman

Jacob Langford

Joshua Langford

Michael Morgan

William Middleton



Mike Wynn (Snack Shack Lead)

William Davis



Trista Dickey  (Registration Lead)

Cindy Mewborn - Check In

Mike Mewborn - Picture Taker


Prayer Room escort

Rick Neal (Lead)

Brayden Allen

Garrett Neal




Kenny Bundy (Chapel Lead)

Brayden Allen

Garrett Neal

Hank Sorrow

Sergey Kraynyuk


 Mike Stripling (Tech Lead)



Kitchen & Dining

Ingrid Bundy (Kitchen Lead)

Ashley Morgan

Brandy Bailey

Sha Nelson


Stacey Necastro (Dining Lead)

Christa Stripling

Cindy Calhoun

Cindy Mewborn

Nancy Laird

Shanna Ammons

Treva Richter

Trista Dickey




Daniel Calhoun (Intercession Lead)

Chad Boley

Don Runkle

Mike Vandersluis

Mike Wynn



Prayer Rooms

Terri Dove (Lead)

Al Laird

Christa Stripling

Cindy Calhoun

Cindy Mewborn

Darryl Logan

Don Runkle

Elijah Dickey

James Ammons

Jason Barden

Jason Mauldin

Keith Bailey

Keith Richter

Matt Turner

Mike Mewborn

Mike Stripling

Nancy Laird

Nugene Harper

Shanna Ammons

Stacey Necastro

Susan Logan

Tom Necastro

Treva Richter






Team Responsibilities

Keep in mind, team responsibilities can be altered or adjusted to meet encounter weekend needs. Please see your Team Lead for any questions related to responsibilities.


Intercession / Gatekeeper

The team functions as one, dividing responsibilities of both Intercession and tracking the guests throughout the weekend. Making sure they are in Conference and Chapel on time.



Before weekend starts: (Friday afternoon)

  • Prayer walk dorms and rooms, anoint with anointing oil

During weekend:

  • Available throughout the weekend to intercede during all Conference sessions, Individual prayer times, and Chapel
  • Remains mindful to keep individual guest prayer needs for Chapel time
  • Remains sensitive to the Spirit throughout the weekend, communicating words of knowledge from Holy Spirit to Intercession lead

Conference / Dorm


Before weekend starts: (Friday afternoon)

  • Inspect Room (trash, bed/lighting issues, bugs, etc.)
    • Open blinds (Keep closed for Summer Weekends)
    • Turn on Lights in Hall & Rooms (Rooms: not all lights, make inviting)
    • Set Room Temperature to 70 degrees (AC summer, Heat winter)
  • Stock Rooms
    • Toilet paper (1 on roll and 1 back up on toilet)
    • Paper Towels (1 per sink)
    • Soap (1 per sink)
    • Tissues (1 per room)
    • Extra Supplies Basket (1 per room)
    • Trash Cans empty with bag

Friday, as Guests Arrive:

  • Assist guests as they check-in
    • Help welcome, make them feel at home
    • Help unpack car
    • Offer to assist them settling into room
    • take guests to conference  (7:30 PM)
    • team meeting in chapel  (8pm)

During weekend:

  • Wake guest (as requested)
  • Ensure guests are at proper location
    • Chapel by 8:20 AM (Chapel at 8:30 AM)
    • Conference after Sat. afternoon break (time varies)
    • Chapel after Sat. Dinner (time varies
  • Vacuum/Sweep floors (as needed)
  • Clean/Restock bathrooms (supplies in lobby of Hope Hall)
  • Empty Trash (trash in grey can at dorm)
  • Lay papers and bottled water (Night) on beds
  • Cardboard Christian & Foot Washing (Sat. Night Chapel)
  • Meet during Sat. Lunch in Chapel

Sunday Shut-down

  • Pick up trash/debris on floors
  • Inspect for left items (leave in lobby)
  • Wipe down countertops/sink/mirrors (Do not use chemical cleaners, WATER ONLY)
  • Remove Hair from shower
  • Brush toilet (as needed)
  • Empty all trash (pull big can to front porch)
  • Pull soap, baskets, paper products (leave 1 toilet paper on roll)                                                                                 *Only if instructed, if another weekend does not immediately follow*


Before weekend starts: (Friday afternoon)

  • Inspect room: trash, close blinds
  • Set tables: 5-6 per table (Women) / 4 per table (Men & Teens)
  • Tape trash bags (2 per table)
  • Stage Tables
    • Table Name
    • Tissues
    • Snack Baskets
    • Guest Name
    • Notebook & Pen
    • Ministry Papers
      • Release Forms (Adult Weekends)
      • Forgiveness Heart
      • Prayer Room Sign-up card
  • Inspect & Stock Bathrooms: toilet paper, paper towels, soap, trash
    • Ensure both bathrooms are marked for the appropriate weekend (double men or women)

During Weekend

  • Give prayer Sign-up cards to Conference Coordinators
  • Inspect Conference Room:
    • Straighten chairs/tables
    • Collect trash from tables & bags
  • Monitor Bathrooms (extra supplies in Store-room)
  • Restock table supplies as needed: food, tissues, ministry items for talks
  • Cardboard Christian & Foot Washing (Sat. Night Chapel)
  • Meeting during Sat. Lunch in Chapel

Sunday Shut-down  (after lunch / baptisms)

  • Vacuum
  • Wipe down tables
  • Empty Trash
  • Reset for next weekend or Inventory & pack supplies (Give list of needed items to Holli)                                         *As instructed: (leave if another weekend immediately follows)*

Chapel & Media Teams

Before weekend starts: (Friday afternoon)

  • Vacuum (as necessary)
  • Set up Holy of Holies
  • Place 2 round tables up front (both sides) and decorate
  • Straighten chairs (reorient facing Holy of Holies)
  • Place tissues throughout Chapel
  • Place mints under front 2 center chairs
  • Check supplies on shelves, ensure all items needed for Chapel services are available
  • Make nail necklaces (as needed)
  • Charge up-lights and place along outer wall chairs (plugged in all weekend)

During Weekend

  • Set worship atmosphere in Chapel (music)
  • Charge up-lights
  • Turn candles on in Holy of Holies and on both side tables before services (replace batteries as needed)
  • Catch and cover guests during ministry (pull in members from other teams as needed)
  • Be involved in Worship and attentive to guest
  • Reset Chapel (vacuum and straighten chairs as needed
    • Empty trash
    • Restock tissues and mints
    • Set up for next Chapel service


  • Sunday Morning (Following Marriage Ceremony)
    • Communion setting at 11 AM for intro to Throne Room
  • After Guest go to Throne Room
    • Straighten & Inventory supplies on Chapel shelves (Give list of needs to Susan Logan)
    • Set up for final talk  (chair & music stand)
    • Set up for Alabaster Dance  (3 ottoman seats - maybe)
    • Ensure anointing oil and tissues are available for Anointing Ceremony
    • Reorient chairs  (facing Holy of Holies)
    • Break down Chapel  *As instructed: leave if another weekend immediately follows)
  • Chapel Shut-down
    • Vacuum floor 
    • Straighten chairs
    • Empty Trash


Prayer Team

Before weekend starts: (Friday afternoon)

  • Establish & Inspect Prayer Rooms: clean or organize, vacuum (as necessary)
  • Check all supplies: tissues, anointing oil, trash cans, mints, chairs (3)
  • Prayer Escorts - begin adding Guests names to prayer sign-up sheet (see Conference Coordinators)

During Weekend

  • Meet with Prayer Team (During Sat. morning Chapel)
  • Report to Prayer Team Lead for room and partner assignment
  • Keep prayer rooms clean and stocked
  • Assist where needed when not in prayer (see Susan Logan)
  • Prayer Escorts: work through Prayer Sign-up sheet
    • Ensure all Prayer Room Numbers and documentation sheets are taped to doors
    • Continue to add guests to Prayer Sign-up (see Conference Coordinators for cards)
    • Check with prayer room members for relationship conflicts before pulling guests
    • Pull Guest from Conference and Escort to Prayer Room (1 guest per table)
      • Confirm guest is comfortable with someone of the opposite sex in prayer room (as necessary)
      • Document Prayer Team members and start and finish times on Prayer Room sheet
    • Communicate to Prayer Lead progress each day

Sunday Shut-down (when prayer rooms are closed)

  • Vacuum (as necessary)
  • Return Chairs to proper location
  • Remove HSE supplies: trashcans, mints, paper on doors (Give papers to Registration)


Kitchen & Dining Team

Before weekend starts: (Friday afternoon)

  • Inspect Dining Room: Report to Kitchen Lead for setup instructions for Dining Hall & Kitchen
  • Straighten tables and chairs
  • Inspect bathrooms & stock as necessary (toilet paper, paper towels, soap)
  • Report to Kitchen Lead for further Kitchen assignments & instructions

During Weekend

  • Report to Kitchen Lead for further Kitchen assignments & instructions
  • Stage serving area: plates, utensils, and napkins. Cups and Ice at beverage station
  • Assist Kitchen Lead in mean preparation
  • Assist guests with beverage refills, serve dessert at tables (cookies)
  • Clean-up following dinner
    • Clear and wipe tables
    • Straighten Chairs
    • Sweep
    • Empty Trash
    • Inspect/Restock Bathrooms

Sunday Shut-down  (following Throne Room)

  • Report to Kitchen Lead for further Kitchen assignments & instructions
  • Assist Throne Room team in clearing tables (Keith & Brandy Bailey Throne Room Leads)
  • Wash dishes and begin to pack-up supplies (see Kitchen Lead) *As instructed: leave if another weekend immediately follows)
  • Reset tables and chairs in Dining Hall
  • Inspect Bathrooms: clean and empty trash
  • Inventory Kitchen supplies (Give needs lists to Holli)