Enhancement Weekends

Enhancement Weekends are intended to take individuals who have previously attended an Encounter deeper in their relationship with the PERSON, PRESENCE, and POWER of Holy Spirit.


Building on the foundational teaching received during Encounter Weekendswe desires all ages of adults (both physical and spiritual), denominations, races, giftings, and those on different stopping points on their journey with Jesus to join us. May these weekends truly reflect Heaven on Earth. There will be times of teaching and ministry, as we all continue to seek transformation, wholeness, and freedom.


Registration for Enhancement Weekends will differ from Encounter Weekends. Those who have previously attended an Encounter will need to express interest in attending an Enhancement Weekend. By the Lord's direction, invitations will be sent for attendees to register for a specific Enhancement Weekend. Each weekend will offer ministry for up to 50 ladies. Holy Spirit will guide and counsel in orchestrating how each weekend will look, from the attendees to teaching to ministry.


If you are interested in attending an Women's Enhancement Weekends, please complete the form below.