Stories from the Holy Spirit Encounter Community

Shame and Discouragement into Joy, Peace, and Freedom
I attended a Consuming Fire service last year. I have been following this ministry for a few years. When I decided to come to a Friday night service I was very discouraged as the enemy was waging war on my life through shame and condemnation. I didn't understand why I felt the way I did because I was walking with the Lord as I have done my entire life. I have committed my life to ministry as I am currently studying vocational ministry at Valor School of Leadership. I didn't understand why I was walking in such shame for past mistakes, past emotions, and past feelings but when I attended a service last year something shifted in my spirit. I was prayed for and Holy Spirit ministered to my heart. I believe that joy, peace, and freedom were imparted to me on that night and I am eternally grateful for all those who are involved with this ministry. Thank you for being obedient to the supernatural power of Holy Spirit and preparing a place for God to do only what he can do. Looking forward to attending another service very soon.
~ Madison Owens
Then and Until Now
It's been approximately 4 years ago that I experienced the most dramatic change in my life when I went to the Holy Spirit Encounter in Ohio. I found my Father, my Lord and the Holy Spirit. Then, until now, the Lord has taken me, taught me, molded me and loved on me. I've became His total servant. I have walked the drug infested area of Hamilton Ohio loving on the broken, prostitutes, addicted and every one He put in my path. He is such a wonderful God.
Reconnect, Renew, & Rejuvenate!
To everyone who served at HSE this weekend, Thank You for you service to God and allowing me to reconnect, renew, and rejuvenate my love for the Lord. I really needed this. My marriage needed this. Because without the Lord we would not be together and in Him I give all Praise. He is my first love. Because of this weekend I have a new strength in me that I was in dire need of. You all made that possible and I am eternally grateful for it. An encounter with God isn't just for the Unbelievers. It is for Everyone!!! No matter what your walk is, it can help you stay focused on the Lord each time The Holy Spirit can show you something new. If you ever feel that something is lacking spiritually then stop what you are doing and sign up for HSE. If you server or not. Is good for the Soul! God Bless!
~ Anthony "Scott" Coker
Men's Weekend November 2016
Bruises were GONE!!!
For about 3 months I have been having some unusual bruising appearing on my left thigh, I went to the doctor they did blood work and said that they didn't find anything and that it was nothing to worry about. The week before the Encounter the bruises became worse and my husband informed me that I needed to see another doctor, which I did make another appt. for the Monday after the Encounter. On Saturday night at the Encounter, you asked anyone up who needed healing, I didn't go up at first because the bruises didn't hurt they were just all over my leg and they look horrible, but I got a nudge from the Holy Spirit to go up and receive prayer for my healing. On Monday after the retreat I came home and the bruises were gone, all but one faint one and I am here to tell you that it is now gone. I thank God for my healing and I accept it.
~ Margie Long 
...set FREE from a lifetime struggle!!!
There is a verse in an old hymn that goes, "My chains are gone, I have been set free." That is what "my" weekend did for me. From the very first service, the Holy Spirit started to set me free. And with each passing hour, the Holy Spirit continued to reveal those strong holds and struggles that had keep me bound my whole life. The Holy Sprit did not leave a stone unturned.
As I left the campgrounds on Sunday, I knew that I had received all that the Lord had for me. I had peace that before was not attainable. I was set free from a lifetime struggle with my thoughts, that had controlled me since I was a child. But as I drove away, I knew that I had been from glory to glory and that I would never be the same. I could not put a price on what the Lord gave me, my walk is deeper and my faith is greater.
You will be changed, just go hungry for whatever God has for you.
~ Anne M. Hauer

I was healed by HOLY SPIRIT!!!

I arrived Thursday at 1:00pm ready for any help required. I was scheduled to work in the kitchen, but we were not officially to start until after 5:00pm. I started helping set up in the gymnasium, finishing the podium and music platforms, vacuuming, electrical, and just general set up chores. I continued that evening in the kitchen until 10:00pm. I was exhausted and went to my room and took a hot shower, and realized my entire right side from my hips down to my foot was throbbing with pain yet I had no physical injury. Now I know what your thinking, yes I'm 59 years old and yes I'm overweight, but if you knew, knew me, and my schedule, you'd see an overactive, eager beaver at work, home, church, and the gym. Needless to say, I was in PAIN!!! Prayers were pouring out of me. Yes Lord I know I am excited, but I can't let my brothers down, they need me all weekend. Lord you know what I received from on HSE #3, help me be a blessing now!!! If its you satan, get out of here now!!! In the name of Jesus, I command it now!!! Holy Spirit please reach down and help me rest, you know I love You with all my heart. I worship and live for you in my life everyday!!! I try to sleep but have no success. Right about now I'm thanking my beautiful bride, Mary, for loading up my backpack with aspirin and Tylenol. Don't overdo it, just take three aspirins, and two extra strength Tylenols. At 4:40am, I'm in the kitchen looking for something, anything to occupy my mind, because I did not sleep one single moment. The good news came thru the door with another soul who also could not sleep. Friday was a blur, but it kept me from thinking about the pain. Meeting all the new guest and fellow servers was such a joy. I knew I could make this day by Gods grace, and I did. That evening, while reviewing the schedule with five or six other kitchen brothers, I saw where God wanted me to be. As I told those around me, how Jewel had called for Holy Spirit healing in the last men's Encounter, I knew we should all be in the chapel service. We arrived just as Jewel called for chairs to be set up front in the chapel. As we all stood beside the curtained door, I felt holy spirit and stood behind a gentleman not knowing his name. We all prayed in tongues with our hearts pouring out Gods' blessing upon every man setting before us. It was very crowded after these prayers, so most of us in the kitchen crew drifted outside the curtained doors. Jewel began pacing back and forth, and I could see Holy Spirit fire inside him. I knew we were just beginning to see Holy Spirit power tonight. Jewel felt there were many other needs for healing, deliverance, power, and fire from Holy Spirit. The whole chapel and the entire building was full of Holy Spirit. It is just as powerful to me now, as it was during my Encounter!!!!. Jewel calls for those that need immediate healing to come forward and prepare for Holy Spirit release upon them. Well, here I am Lord, I know why I'm standing right where all these brothers are. I need healing now!!! Come Holy Spirit, cleanse and heal all of them and let me also receive it!!!!! I accepted this healing and felt totally invigorated. I was without pain and not exhausted, even having been awake over 33 hours straight. I did manage to get back to my room by 10:45pm, and fell to sleep when my head hit the pillow. My next conscious moment occurred as I turned off my alarm at 4:55am Saturday morning. I had no pain all night and had none now!!!! Saturday was more joyful without any pain, and once again, I slept all night without pain. I was healed by HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!
~ Your brother in Christ, Mike Gray



“Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords and strengthen your pegs. For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left. And your descendants will possess nations and will resettle the desolate cities."

~Isaiah 54:2-3