Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Holy Spirit Encounter Retreat?
Holy Spirit Encounter is an opportunity to go away for the weekend and spend time with the Lord and receive foundational biblical teaching. Those who attend will share in times of worship, praise, prayer, and biblical teaching. Each person is offered personal prayer ministry in a safe and confidential environment. HSE retreats last from Friday evening to Sunday evening. The retreat also allows the attendee to relax in beautiful surroundings.

What is the cost for the retreat?

$100 ~ Registrations received prior to the week of the retreat.

Financial Assistance ~ No one is discouraged from attending due to a financial need. To request assistance please email us with your request.


What if I cannot attend the entire time?

HSE Weekends are cloistered weekends. This means it is necessary to attend all aspects of the weekend. We encourage guest to arrive on-time and stay until dismissed on Sunday. If you are unable to attend the full weekend, we encourage you to plan to attend at a later time.


What are the weekend accommodations like?
The weekends are held in beautiful Northwest Georgia. Guests are housed in rooms with approximately 3-6 guests in each room and they comfortably share bathroom facilities. Single occupancy rooms are not available. Each guest should supply their own bed linen and toiletry products. We have special needs housing available upon request.

Who should attend a Holy Spirit Encounter?
Anyone who has the desire to grow closer to the Lord and to be led by the Holy Spirit. If you want a better understanding of the Holy Spirit and desire to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, teaching and instruction will be given about the Baptism and the use of the manifest gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Who makes up the ministry team?
HSE has been blessed to have remarkable ministers from many church denominations come and teach during our weekends. Each person who ministers with HSE is a mature Christian who has a desire to share God’s love, personal experiences, healing, deliverance, and restoration according to the Word of God. Many of them have received extensive training in their area of ministry. As well, the majority of support personnel on the weekends have attended a previous HSE weekend as a guest.

What is the teaching content?
Each teacher will share prominent biblical principles to help heal the complete person ~ spirit, soul, and body. Topics covered will be: The Love of God, Forgiveness, Faith & Healing, Meet the Holy Spirit, Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Infilling of the Holy Spirit, and Living a Spirit-filled life. Chapel services further help the attendee to reach a personal relationship with the power and work of the Holy Spirit. It is HSE prayer that every person is able to live their life in freedom and power.

Will I be given the opportunity to receive prayer for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
Yes. Teaching about the Holy Spirit and prayer is offered after the main teaching. The Saturday night chapel is open for anyone who desires additional prayer for power, anointing, and impartation of spiritual gifts.

What results might I expect?
The Lord and Holy Spirit work in different ways with different people. Many testimonies are given of people who have experienced immediate change. However, others have testified significant change did not take place for several weeks, months, or years. You will be given the opportunity to release deep levels of pain or hurt during your individual prayer sessions. We desire that no one leaves without having the opportunity of prayer for the release of bondages in their life.

Will it solve all my problems?
No guarantees can be given, but Holy Spirit wants all of us to live our lives in power and freedom. The ministry team will work with everyone to receive the release of power and healing in their life.

What happens after your HSE retreat?
We recommend all attendees be involved in a local church that continues the teachings received during the weekend. To help your walk with Holy Spirit, HSE holds Consuming Fire, our prayer and worship service, once a quarter, along with W.A.S.P. studies ~ Word Authority Spirit Power ~ to help you walk in your continued freedom. W.A.S.P. classes generally start in beginning of the year and meet once a month for three hours on a Sunday afternoon. Check the Consuming Fire and W.A.S.P. pages for dates and times of upcoming services and classes.



“Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords and strengthen your pegs. For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left. And your descendants will possess nations and will resettle the desolate cities."

~Isaiah 54:2-3