Encounter   Conferences

The Holy Spirit Encounter ministry team has been praying for all of our HSE family and the body of Christ during this time of shelter in place imposed by our government officials. We continue to monitor the guidelines established by the federal government and our governor to determine when we can begin to have conferences. Base on the current guidelines, we will begin to have our conferences starting May 15-17 for women. The criteria used to reopen can be found on the CDC website and the State of Georgia website. We will adhere to the social distancing policies and limit the number of individuals who can attend and serve.


~Tom Linder, Ministry Trustee~

~Pastors Jewel and Holli Newman~

Adult  Encounter  Dates


Women 18+ (post-high school)

May 15th - 17th guest registration open

July 24th - 26th  registration open

September 18th - 20th  (registration tba)


Men 18+ (post-high school)

 June 5th- 7th   registration open

August 21st - 23rd  (registration tba)


married couples who have both attended an encounter weekend

June 19th - 21st ~ email us to express interest in attending

Teen   Encounters  Dates

Teen Encounters are available to incoming High Schoolers through in-coming College Sophomores (Ages: 14-19).

This  allows younger teens to fully receive during their Encounter,

while offering older students the choice of attending a Teen or Adult Encounter.


Incoming High Schoolers through in-coming College Sophomores (Ages: 14-19)

 August 7th - 9th  (registration tba)



Incoming High Schoolers through in-coming College Sophomores (Ages: 14-19)

July 17th - 19th registration open