2019 Encounter Weekends

married couples who have both attended an encounter weekend

May 24th - 26th registration open

Women 18+ (post-high school)

July 26th - 28th registration open

September 13th - 15th  registration open

November 8th - 10th registration opens sept. 1st

Waiting Lists - in order to serve as many guests as possible, if a guests is on a waiting list and is able to be confirmed on another Encounter Weekend, their name will be removed from the waiting list.

Men 18+ (post-high school)

August 23rd - 25th registration open

November 15th - 17th registration opens sept. 1st

After prayer and consideration, we have been led to adjust our ages for Girls' Encounter Weekends to High School through in-coming College Sophomores (Ages: 14-19). Our prayer is this adjustment will allow girls to fully receive during their Encounter, while allowing older Girls the opportunity to choose between attending a Girls' or Women's Encounter.

August 9th - 11th registration open

High School through in-coming College Sophomores (Ages: 14-19).

to be announced...